A Random Act of Kindness


On Feb. 19, Community Outreach hosted “Love Tags” in celebration of Random Act of Kindness Week. The event consisted in writing words of encouragement or a simple message on clips and passing them around discreetly in hopes of making others feel appreciated.

Inspired by a similar activity that took place during Camp P.R.O.W.L, Fatima Shardae decided to introduce the activity on campus and assured everyone found a reason to keep going as this spring semester is in play by inspiring others to ‘tag’ their friends in order to spread positivity and kindness. All students were welcomed and enjoyed taking part as many took the opportunity to show their friends they’re acknowledged and loved.

Fatima Shardae introduced the activity, inspired by Camp P.R.O.W.L. Photo by Melissa Aeriza.

Audria Winstead, a member of the executive board for Collegiate100, and Elaina Northrop agreed that the event “[is] a great way to actively engage with other students on campus” as well as feeling the comfort of bringing back activities done during Camp P.R.O.W.L. Alongside Winstead and Northrop, Eamarol Arrington commented that the event was “a great idea to implement, as we may not know what others are going through and a simple tag could make anyone’s day without you knowing it.”

Elaina Northrop attended the Random Acts of Kindness event and participated in the creation of pins. Photo by Melissa Aeriza.

Overall, many students seemed to enjoy the event, as they actively participated by giving and receiving “Love Tags”.

Photo by Melissa Aeriza.