CSU Volleyball Team Canceled “Effective Immediately”

Written by Sam Sachs


   The CSU women’s volleyball program was cancelled, effective immediately, on Monday, April 3, according to team members and coaching staff.

   “The volleyball program was cancelled and CSU will no longer have a volleyball team. The reasoning that was given to us was due financial budget constraints,” said Fabio Diniz, a team coach.

   “We will not be allowed to finish the rest of our spring season or attend our spring tournaments,” said team manager Taylor Elston in a written message. “It was a very blindsiding decision that we had no warning or control over.”

   “Most of our players and coaches on the team are not from Columbus and they only came here for volleyball,” Elston continued. “The coaching staff is working very diligently to find everyone a new home to play and complete their degrees. Many of the girls could only afford to go to school here because of the assistance of scholarships [from the program].”

   Students and staff from other areas are now left to find new places to live and attend school in a short time. “Right now we just have basically three weeks to find another place to go,” said Zoemy Barreto Pareira, a volleyball player, in an email to the Saber. “This was really hard news for me because I’m from Puerto Rico and the only way I can stay here in the United States is with a scholarship. Now I don’t have a place to go.”

   So far, CSU itself has made no public announcement of the cancellation. The Saber is waiting on comment from the athletics director Todd Reeser and will publish updates periodically.