The Top 5 Apps to Help You Have an Awesome Spring Break

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Zoe Audifferen


It’s the week of spring break and students have spent days in the gym getting that #springbreakbod, in their dorms packing their suitcase, or in the computer lab booking flights. There are a million and one ways to get ready for the break, some a little more obvious than others. When people finally escape the shackles of school and bask in a week-long rest period they might forget their toothbrush, earphones or even enough pairs of underwear. The only thing that is almost impossible to forget is that magnificent piece of technology that lets you call, text and take pictures… your phone. Your phone is the most important spring break item! Without your phone you can’t Snapchat, Instagram or send pictures to your friends stuck at home—and if you can’t do any of that, did you even go on spring break?

So phone is in the bag and it’s good for all things social media and more. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat are great for sharing spring break stories, but there are other apps that offer a little (or a lot) more and will ensure you have the smoothest spring break ever. Whether you’re spending your break going apeshit in Panama City Beach or finding exciting spots in your hometown, these apps will guide you through it.


1. Airbnb
Airbnb is the greatest app to happen to mankind since Flappy Bird (feel free to quote me on that). Airbnb is a platform that allows homeowners to put their place up for rent and for tourists to rent them for short stays. You can rent anything from an entire house to an individual room. Often equipped with wifi, cable TV and a full kitchen, Airbnbs can fulfill your needs in a way an overpriced inn never could. Not only are pricing and amenities explained well before you click “book,” but reviews from other people who have stayed at the home are visible as well. There is something for everyone, whether your budget is $30 or $300 a night.

2. Uber
This is probably one of the more obvious app necessities. Uber is a taxi service of sorts that allows people with smartphones to request rides from drivers nearby, typically for a cheaper price than your local taxi service. Uberpool is an additional feature that allows you to carpool with other people looking for a ride for a cheaper fee. If you know you and your friends are going to be drinking this break, and no one wants to take on that designated driver duty, this app will be a life saver (literally).

I know what you’re thinking, but no. GTFO stands for “Get The Flight Out” and is among the best apps for procrastinators and spontaneous people alike. GTFO curates a list of next-day flights in various cities after you put in your departure and arrival airport, as well as provides links directly to the airline’s website where you can book your ticket. Whether you decide to join your friends on the beach or turn up in a foreign country, GTFO affords you the opportunity to quickly book a ticket, pack your bags and GTFO.

4. Yelp
Pretty cliché, I know. Everyone makes jokes about writing bad Yelp reviews on restaurants, but the truth is that Yelp is pretty “clutch” when you need it. Yelp is a platform that allows for people to review local restaurants, stores and bars they’ve visited. Aside from providing reviews, Yelp also has an online reservation and food-delivery service as well. Whether you’re trying to eat out or order in, Yelp’s got your back.

5. Magnus
Magnus is for all my art lovers out there who drag their friends to art museums no matter the city, no matter the lack of sleep, no matter the time. Not only will Magnus pull up information on the different art pieces hanging in the museum, it will also provide a map to shows and galleries in the area (plus the hours). This app has personally brought me so much joy while at the MoMA and the HIGH Museum of Art. It’s a must have for traveling in a new city.