The Saber

Made in Georgia

October 26, 2017

Filed under Games, Georgia Politics

By Ashton Johnson, Photo Credit: Wix The economic benefits of game design for CSU students.   Have you noticed the Georgia peach logo popping up in movies, TV shows, and video games? Through this logo, the Georgia Entertainment Industry ...

The Potential Of Virtual Reality

October 20, 2017

Filed under Science & Tech

By: Nolan Temple Since hitting the mainstream, VR is now becoming more accessible. Various headsets are available from a few different name brand companies, such as Sony's PlayStation VR, HTC's Vive, and the now Facebook-owned Oculus Rift. Samsung...

Left Behind

Left Behind

October 18, 2017

Extending a Hand to Victims of Bullying

October 13, 2017

Filed under Campus, Columbus Area

By Ivey Milam, Illustration By Kiley Anderson The Anti-Bullying Society pledges to help those in need.   Kanisha Hicks is no stranger to the issues posed by bullying. She first experienced it in kindergarten. Over time, this developed into d...

Sarahah: A New Platform for Cyberbullying?

October 8, 2017

Filed under Science & Tech

Written by Ivey Milam       If you ask people on campus if they have heard of the app Sarahah, they will most likely say yes. Considering that this new social networking app has gained millions of users since its release on June 1...

Be Positive: First Blood Donor Experience

October 8, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Wellness

By: Nolan Temple I'd never donated blood until the American Red Cross held a blood drive in Columbus State's Davidson Center, and I was able to spare about a pint of my life force. Earlier this summer, they announced that there was a shortage of...

Does CSU Need a Culinary Program?

October 4, 2017

Filed under Academics, Food

Written by David Bost   With gourmet restaurants such as 7th Street Provisions, Mabella’s Italian Steakhouse, and Epic Restaurant located near the RiverPark campus, could CSU start a successful culinary arts program? If given a plac...

Defending Yourself: CSU Police Offers Self-defense Classes

October 4, 2017

Filed under Campus

Written by Mariah Jackson   Columbus State University Police Department hosts one of many self-defense pepper spray classes. On Monday, Sept. 25, Columbus State University’s Sgt. Michael Stewart gave a class of five advice on how t...

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