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A Voice to Be Heard: Street Entertainer Brings Life to Broadway

March 27, 2017

Filed under Arts, Columbus Area, Music

Written by Toni Stauffer      A young man sits on a stool behind an MOXF8 Yamaha electric piano, a microphone almost touching his lips. The delicious aroma of bananas and frozen confections from the Freeze Frame yogurt shop hangs in t...

The Top 5 Apps to Help You Have an Awesome Spring Break

March 20, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Science & Tech

Zoe Audifferen   It’s the week of spring break and students have spent days in the gym getting that #springbreakbod, in their dorms packing their suitcase, or in the computer lab booking flights. There are a million and one ways to get ready ...

Child Care Made Affordable for Students at CSU

March 10, 2017

Filed under CSU Politics, Georgia Politics

Written by Zoe Audifferen          Columbus State University has broken down barriers preventing many students from completing college by teaming up with the University System of Georgia and a Georgia non-profit, Quality Ca...

Jewelry store owner says CSU’s Frank Brown Hall is hurting business

March 8, 2017

Filed under Campus, Columbus Area

Written by Scott Berson      As hundreds of students and faculty continue settling into their new home in Frank D. Brown Hall, one Broadway business owner says that the increased activity has led to an unfortunate problem- a lack of parki...

[OPINION] The Rankin Den Has Some Issues…But There’s Hope

March 1, 2017

Filed under Campus, Food, Opinion

Written by Zoe Audifferen        It’s no secret that the Rankin Den isn’t the average student’s most desirable dinner destination. Cameron Blevins, like many other students, spends most of the week going back and forth between main and d...

How Does the EPA Affect CSU? An interview with Dr. Troy Keller

March 1, 2017

Filed under CSU Politics, Politics

Written by Olivia Ivings       Troy Keller, Ph.D., is the recipient of the Great Lakes Restoration grant, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded grant, and a professor of earth and space sciences at Columbus State Univ...

The Importance of Dating

March 1, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Written by Destiny Trivino        It seems like our generation is the “hang out” generation; our definition of a romantic relationship has shifted and our values have changed.    Many don’t believe in conventional dating....

Ethereal Legends Game Review

March 1, 2017

Filed under Games, Opinion

Written by Ashton Johnson         Ethereal Legends is an indie action RPG made by Soverance Studios, a Georgia developer manned by, well, one man. For ten dollars, players can buy it on Steam. In this game, you are tasked with saving...

The Oscars are Over, But Which Best Picture Nominee Was the Best?

March 1, 2017

Filed under Movies, Opinion

Written by Lauren Miley          2017 boasts an array of thought-provoking films to make you weep—whether from emotional catharsis or sheer boredom. 2017’s Oscar nominations all rely heavily on realism, depicting life in its...

Mayor Tomlinson Addresses Community Concerns

March 1, 2017

Filed under Columbus Politics

Written by Armando Fernandez      Mayor Teresa Tomlinson presented her 6th State of the City Address at the Cunningham Conference Center on Friday, February 17th. Accompanied by her husband and parents, Tomlinson thanked the crowd in attendance, wh...

Don’t Call It a Dummy: How CSU’s Nursing Students Train for Medical Emergencies

March 1, 2017

Filed under Campus, Wellness

Written by Ashton Johnson        His name was Gregg Gantz—a man with an agitated wife, nine children, and Crohn’s disease. The instructor gave her nursing students a run-down of his condition. Then, they broke off into groups. Eac...

Columbus Natives Bring Natural Food Restaurant and Grocery to Downtown

March 1, 2017

Filed under Food

Written by Scottie Declue        Columbus State University alumnus Olivia Amos, Chef Brandy Whitney, and Chef Lauren Havican are working hard to promote healthy eating in our community, and this March they will debut their new ...

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