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The History and Importance of Black History Month

February 22, 2017

Filed under Culture

Written by Zoe Audifferen   Throughout this month I’ve been trying to find new and interesting ways to celebrate Black History Month— ways to educate while providing something fresh, something that is oftentimes neglected. There are plenty...

“Black Mirror” Is a Dark Delight

February 21, 2017

Filed under Movies, Opinion

Written by Zoe Audifferen   I spent the entire Christmas holiday binge watching sci-fi  shows (and a couple Portlandia episodes here and there). Typically, when I’m on the hunt for a good sci-fi show, I shy away from anything featuring aliens, fly...

Getting Around C-Town Without a Car

February 21, 2017

Filed under Columbus Area

Written by Javere Johnson          Columbus, contrary to what may be popular belief, is full of interesting things to do. Your options range from experiencing the nightlife downtown to going whitewater rafting on the Chattahooche...

CSU Student Takes Break To Open Up Tea Shop on Broadway

February 21, 2017

Filed under Columbus Area, Food

Written by Olivia Ivings   For Toshiro Lyn, a typical day starts with waking up, eating cornflakes, and watching a History Channel documentary before his tea shop opens at 7 a.m. He sets up shop, sells tea, and passes out business cards. Af...

Healing Division: A battle between change and tradition is expanding the gap of our generation

February 21, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Politics

Written by Javere Johnson    In the millennial generation, there are two categories of people fighting for control. The first group is the social justice movement, which has garnered a lot of support over the last few years. This can be l...

Repealing Obamacare Could Kill Me

February 21, 2017

Filed under Politics, Wellness

Written by Sam Sachs        When President Barack Obama’s second term ended, the Affordable Care Act remained one of the most controversial issues of his presidency. On Jan. 11, a vote in the United States Senate began to repeal ...

Ghosts From The Machine: Should We Be Recreating Dead Actors With CGI?

February 21, 2017

Filed under Movies

Written by Toni Stauffer        In 1968, a pixelated cat moved across a computer screen in Russia and computer-generated imagery (CGI) became a thing. Since then, CGI has become so sophisticated that we sometimes have difficulty distingu...

Black History Month, Week 2: 3 Unconventional Black Heroes

February 15, 2017

Filed under Culture

Written by Zoe Audifferen   They may not have been out on the streets or in court fighting for our rights, but through their own successes, mentality and drive they’ve opened the doors for various black Americans today. There is...

January Mini-Semester Confirmed

February 15, 2017

Filed under Academics

Written by Maddie Fuerte      During the December 2016 meeting of the Columbus State University Faculty Senate, a “motion [to begin a new mini-mester] was passed 11-5,” according to Kimberly Shaw, Executive Officer of the Faculty Senate. This m...

Beyoncé, once again, loses biggest award of the night at the Grammys

February 14, 2017

Filed under Music

Written by Jalin Murphy   This past Sunday, CBS aired the Recording Academy’s 59th Annual Grammys, hosted by James Corden, that embodied the biggest stars in music, from the presenters to the performers. This event harbored many breath-taking mom...

Melisha Shmitt: The Broadway Fortune Teller

February 13, 2017

Filed under Columbus Area

Written by Scott Berson   If you’ve taken a walk down Broadway recently, you might have come across an interesting sight near 11th Street. For many weeks now, Columbus local Melisha Schmitt has been offering free tarot readings for passerby out...

CSU Ultimate Frisbee Team Off to a Flying Start

February 13, 2017

Filed under Sports

Written by David Bost     While most students were preparing their upcoming Valentine’s Day plans, our very own Native Ultimate squad traveled to Georgia College in Milledgeville to the “Flick n’ Nuts” tournament to test...

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