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A Letter to Non-Traditional Students: Get Involved!

May 31, 2016

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Written by Toni Stauffer       I’m a nontraditional student. I’ve also been called an “adult” student, but I think that label is a bit ridiculous. Everyone attending Columbus State University is an adult, except for any chi...

The Campus Chasm: Are We All One CSU?

May 27, 2016

Filed under Culture

Written by Scott Berson and Elaine Hoffmeiser    Twenty minutes. That’s about how long it takes to get between Columbus State University’s Main Campus and RiverPark. It’s a short trip, and the shuttles make it dozens of times a day - but ...

We Solve It: How CSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan aims to revolutionize learning

May 27, 2016

Filed under Politics

Story by Scott Berson An environmental science student notices that there isn’t very much paper recycling on campus, so she works with her professor to organize a graded class project to come up with a real, implementable solution. A communications major...

Coca-Cola Space Science Center Receives Historic Shuttle Prototype

May 2, 2016

Filed under Science & Tech

Story by Sam Sachs On March 9, 2016 Columbus State University’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center received a quarter-scale prototype of the Enterprise space shuttle. The arrival of the shuttle to the Columbus Airport came two years after the CCSSC won...

OPINION: Now is the time for a Libertarian alternative

May 1, 2016

Filed under Politics

Written by Lindsay Marchello    Dissatisfaction with the two major political parties is at an all-time high. According to a Gallup poll, as of 2015 only twenty-six percent of Americans identify with the Republican Party and twenty-nine percent identify w...

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