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The American Marketing Association

April 13, 2015

Filed under Culture

Written by Toni Stauffer   The American Marketing Association (AMA), established in 1937, is one of the largest marketing organizations in the world with more than 30,000 members across the globe. The organization’s ...

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

April 8, 2015

Filed under Politics

Written by Austin Wallace   On March 26, 2015 the Governor of Indiana, Michael Pence, signed a controversial new bill known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law. The law “prohibits a governmental en...

Obama Announces Student Aid Bill of Rights

April 8, 2015

Filed under Politics

Written by Scott Berson   It is a rare sight to see a student who has not had to take on at least some debt in their college career. As tuition costs (not to mention board, and fees) rise across the board, seven out of ten students will gradu...

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