MLK Service Day 2020


Pictured: Columbus State University students at West Atlanta Watershed Alliance on MLK Service Day.

 On Monday, Jan. 20, Columbus State University students celebrated MLK service day by traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, and helping the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, a natural preservation and recreation activity center for local residents, through community clean-up. 

   Before beginning service, the WAWA staff greeted Columbus State students with  breakfast and waiver forms. Then, students were instructed by WAWA staff and assigned to construction sites.

SAC at the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance center on MLK Service Day. Pictured: Corneisha Allen, Mason Burton, Chika Nwosu, Rasheed Tillman, and Yasmin Thessin.

   Students interacted with other CSU students, Georgia State University students, and local residents who helped maintain a clean environment around the building. The volunteers raked leaves, dug up roots, and cut twigs from the ground.    Rasheed Tillman, a junior Psychology major, spent the day repairing a fence around the WAWA building.    

   By the end of service, students accomplished cleaning up cluttered areas. Specifically, the roots and twigs that covered the ground. Most of the roots and twigs were removed to produce a clean area and create space for new harvest. After service, CSU students took a group picture with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance staff. 

   MLK Service Day represents the act of unity.  People of all races work together through acts of service to honor Dr.  Martin Luther King’s message for racial equality. Dr. King believed everyone despite the color of their skin should learn and love each other, and unite together to make the world better for future generations. 

   Yasmin Thessin, a junior Health Science major commented that “MLK Service Day means taking a day to remember the sacrifices our great grandparents had to endure for us to be where we are now. Racial equality means understanding others and their differences.” 

   The sentiments around social change rang loudly in Atlanta, GA; the MLK parade stretched from the top of the street.  Senior Exercise Science major, Corneisha Allen, said that the country “need[s] more leaders like the President to lead us in a more positive way and advocate equality for citizens.” The importance of MLK Service Day reiterates the message for equality because citizens desire the same opportunities. 

   Tillman commented on the meaning of his volunteer service, stating that, “MLK Service Day means liberation. Liberation from hatred and violence no matter your race, heritage, or struggle.”   

   “Everyone is able to come together and embrace one another. It means standing up for what you know is right even when it seems far fetched and out of reach,” concluded Tillman.