Alumnus Starts Non-Profit for Children: Clement Arts raises money, creates youth programs

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Written by Jalin Murphy


Clement Arts –a nonprofit organization in Columbus that supports families who wish to adopt is the result of a Columbus State University graduate’s hard work, big heart, and thoughtful planning. The organization works with children in foster homes, and has already raised over $50,000 in funds to sponsor families.

The beginnings of Clement Arts can be traced back to 2012, when Columbus State graduate Brad Griffith had a friend who desperately wanted to adopt a child but could not afford the expenses. The fees for adopting a child start at $30,000. To help his friend, Griffith held a benefit concert to support and assist his friend in paying adoption fees.

The concert was a fundraising success, and Griffith, along with other churches in the area, thought it would be a great idea to do it again, but on a much larger scale. This way they could accommodate more families and help even more children. Now, five years later, Griffith is the president and founder of Clement Arts

Clement Arts isn’t a typical child care organization or adoption facility. In addition to raising funds to help support adoption, Clement offers after-school programming and extracurricular classes for children ranging from ages three to 15. While Clement Kids is open to all students for a fee, the program aligns with Clement Arts values by being completely free to foster children. Clement Arts even offers summer camps in the same classes for the children that keeps them lively and vigorous over the summer.

Clement Arts uses classes in dance, art, drama, and music to pour positivity, love, and hope into all of the children. According to Amelia Cox, Clement Kids Program Director and Columbus State alumna, the students are super energetic and can be seen jumping around, singing songs, and waving flags at any given moment.

“I have the opportunity to link my love for music and arts to God while helping children and orphans find homes,” said Cox. “That’s huge.”

Clement Arts hosts several fundraising events throughout the year where the proceeds are donated to a family seeking adoption. The next event is “Coffee and Canvas,” on April 28, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Christ Community Church on Milgen Road. Local artist Jawan McGinnis will lead participants in a night of activities where attendees may paint large artworks.

To find out more information about Clement Arts, prices, volunteer opportunities, and especially if you, or someone you know, are contemplating adoption, go to