CSU Student Opens Travel Agency While Still in School

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Written by Olivia Ivings


Alyssa Heberlig’s busy day begins early. She often prepares by watching a motivational video on YouTube before she begins answering emails, taking phone calls, and doing research to build travel itineraries for customers. However, at some point in the day, she must go to class and work two other jobs. The entrepreneur from Columbus is a psychology major.

Heberlig decided to open up Alyssa Heberlig Travels because she saw value in working for herself. “I want to be the hardest working person in the room,” said Heberlig. “I go for jobs where I can work my own hours.” Heberlig said, “I like self-teaching.”

Although Heberlig has plenty to do throughout the day, she makes time for a nap. “Without a nap I cannot function for the entire day,” said Heberlig. In addition to running her own travel agency, Heberlig models and works as a media marketing consultant. She does not usually make it to bed until 2 a.m. and gets just enough sleep before the cycle repeats.


One of the many sacrifices that Heberlig made to start her business was budgeting time and finances. On average, Heberlig spends about 80 hours per week working on creating travel itineraries, so that all her clients have to do is “just show up,” she says. As of right now, Heberlig is the only person who works for Alyssa Heberlig Travels. “I am a one-man show,” she said.

One perk of Heberlig’s travel business is that it gives her the opportunity to travel. Since starting her company, Heberlig has been given five travel vouchers from Spirit Airlines. The benefit of planning a trip through a travel agency is that you pay lower rates for travel, and the itinerary is mapped out for you. Heberlig does not charge a service fee to appeal to clients in college.

Despite her busy schedule and heavy workload, Heberlig said she does not find herself overwhelmed. She attributes her success to “time management, and knowing when to say maybe not this hour of the day.” While being an entrepreneur with a new business involves dedication and hard work, Heberlig loves what she does because of the example she sets for other college students.

Alyssa Heberlig Travels has a presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Eventually, Heberlig plans to start a blog that will also help to market her business.

“I try to motivate people to do great things,” Heberlig said. She has even inspired some of her friends to open their own businesses. Heberlig’s best piece of advice to any other ambitious students with dreams of opening their own business is to “just do it.”