Student admitted to increasingly popular “Disney College Program”

Written by Jalin Murphy


The Disney College Program is an exciting and rare opportunity for college students to explore their interests, find a niche in their strengths, and collaborate with cast members and Disney employees from across the globe by simultaneously interning and taking courses, and Columbus State’s very own Christina Caldwell gets a first-class ticket to experience it.

Caldwell is a sophomore, early childhood education major who loves everything Disney. From Disney movies to religiously watching Disney Channel as a youth to even decorating with Disney merchandise, she is a fanatic. In fact, Caldwell heard about this college program during a Disneyland trip from a cast member who encouraged her to apply.

To apply, Caldwell filled out an application, very similar to a job application. After a few weeks, she advanced to the web-based interview stage, which consisted of survey-type questions that she could “agree” or “disagree” with.

After that, she advanced to the phone interview, where she answered more in-depth questions concerning her strengths and weaknesses, past experiences, and even situational questions that required her to explain how she would handle different confrontations and problematic scenarios.



About a month later, Disney notified her of her acceptance to the program and told her that she would be working in merchandise during her stay.

Caldwell is set to leave for Disneyworld in Fall 2017 and will return in January 2018. “I’m really ready to learn about different cultures for teaching,” said Caldwell, “And about learning how to manage multiple things at once since I know that’s what teaching will involve.”

She looks forward to greeting and working with the children she will see at Disney and will be looking for ways to implement her experience in her teaching career. “I want to learn how to meet them [students] where they are and I know I will get that experience at Disney.”