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Repealing Obamacare Could Kill Me

February 21, 2017

Filed under Politics, Wellness

Written by Sam Sachs        When President Barack Obama’s second term ended, the Affordable Care Act remained one of the most controversial issues of his presidency. On Jan. 11, a vote in the United States Senate began to repeal ...

The Finals Zombies

November 27, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Wellness

Written by Jacquelyn DeLauder   The stress inducing two weeks of finals have arrived. From freshman to senior, all exhibit the telltale signs that a dastardly sickness has reared its ugly head once more. Hollowed cheeks and sunken ...

Shaving Heads, Saving Lives

October 14, 2016

Filed under Campus, Wellness

Written by Tieanna Graphenreed   The DJ found his home in front of the clock tower, the brick columns on either side framing large speakers blaring the best (or worst, depending on who you ask) hits of the decade at a window rattling decib...

How to Pull An All-Nighter

October 13, 2016

Filed under Wellness

Written by Taylor White   With exams around the corner and the days becoming shorter, many students struggle to find the time to study or finish all of their homework. So in order to catch up on everything they’ve missed, they resort to pulling an ...

How worried should you be about Zika in Columbus?

September 7, 2016

Filed under Wellness

Written by Toni Stauffer   Zika What?   The Zika virus was discovered 50 years ago in monkeys living in Uganda’s Zika forest. The first humans infected with Zika, which is a mosquito-borne disease, were repo...

Three Ways Pokémon GO is Changing Everything (For the Better)

July 14, 2016

Filed under Culture, Wellness

Written by Scott Berson   I swear, I’ve got whiplash. I have never seen anything take off as fast, or with such relentless virality, as Pokémon GO has. This thing spread faster than a Caveman Spongebob meme, faster than any Game of...

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