The Saber

What’s nursing school really like? Let’s ask a current nursing student

Ivey Milam

June 1, 2020

Hi, my dear readers and fellow pandemic survivors. To give you all a better view of nursing school through the eyes of a student, I decided to interview a rising CSU nursing school senior about her first year of the grueling yet...

Anatomy and Physiology II lab midterm: What to expect

Ivey Milam

March 2, 2020

Hello again, my dear readers--or the silent realm of my conscience should none of you really exist. As always, I sincerely hope that the semester is running smoothly for you and that you are unearthing some hidden gems along the...

Semester Update on Microbiology and A&P II

Ivey Millam

February 10, 2020

Hello, my dear readers! We are now almost four weeks into the semester, and Georgia is facing yet another sudden cold front. Schedules are becoming more busy as the classwork adds up, but it also feels as though the semester is...

A new semester and a new blog schedule

Ivey Millam

January 20, 2020

Hello, dear readers! How are you? Have you started back with a new college semester, and if so, what do you think of your classes thus far? Any that have already roused interest and perhaps even ardency? Any that already summo...

Is the stress of college truly worth it? Let’s take a look

Ivey Milam

January 13, 2020

Hello, readers! As of now, students of CSU are approaching the start of spring semester after a much-needed winter break. Hopefully, you are looking forward to new classes and experiences, but even if not, consider that you are...

So, what’s the HESI?

Ivey Milam

December 30, 2019

Hello, lovely readers! Did you enjoy time with family and friends this holiday season? Did you consume ample amounts of delicious food? Did you enjoy the brief winter weather in Georgia? I hope that you can say “yes” to a...

Striving for all A’s?

Ivey Millam

December 22, 2019

This past semester was a rough one for most students, particularly those aiming for A’s in all of their classes. In my case, I was ready to accept a B or C in Health Psychology despite my efforts in the class. But this helped m...

Are cumulative exams really worth it? Let’s find out

Ivey Millam

December 17, 2019

Hello, dear readers. Hopefully, all of you have made it through final exams and ended the semester on a good note. Now, it is the time to relax our brain muscles, tend to our neglected bodies (finally, we have time to cook and rest),...

Curious about A&P I? Here are some things to know

Ivey Millam

December 11, 2019

Hello, my lovely readers! Did you survive finals? Are you enjoying a well deserved respite from the hectic environment of school? Though it was a rough one according to many, the fall 2019 semester has finally come to an end, and...

Maybe you don’t like a class, But have you really tried appreciating it?

Ivey Millam

December 2, 2019

Hello, my fellow students and non-students! If you are the former, I hope that your break was well spent (and without strep throat or cold infections) and that you are ready for finals. If you are the latter, I hope that you als...

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