The Saber

How I decided on nursing:

Ivey Milam

August 19, 2019

Around my second semester of dual enrollment at CSU, I began to question my major. At the time, I was an undeclared English major and planned on pursuing professorship, but after taking classes and working for the college new...

Stressed? Yeah, I feel you…

Ivey Millam

August 12, 2019

At this point, we can all establish that college in general is challenging. An unending load of assignments from various classes, a part-time job (or an extracurricular--or both) that sucks up the rest of your hours, the fear of...

Introduction to the blog

Ivey Milam

August 5, 2019

I first took an interest in blogging when I watched Dog with a Blog (nostalgia much?) in my pre-teen years. Though I didn’t care very much for the show itself, I did admire how Stan, the family dog, shared his daily confli...

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